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2513 E Porter Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50320, USA

Common  Questions

What is HCEC?

HCEC stands for Hindu Cultural and Educational Center. It is a non-profit organization established in the state of Iowa in 2015.

What kind of services does HCEC provide?

HCEC is formed to provide Cultural, Social, Religious, and Educational services. Currently services such as Ethnic Nepali language enrichment, ESL & Citizenship classes, Cultural education, services to the elderly, and youth and students activities are being delivered. Moving forward, we have plans to deliver wider range of services.

Does it provide these services only to the Hindus?

Not at All. HCEC operates in similar pattern with some of the Churches in Iowa that provide other services such as ESL classes, Adult Education etc. Since the organization is at its early infancy stage, we have been providing limited services. Services are offered to any needy people irrespective of their faith. However, as we grow in our infrastructures and resources, we will deliver services to other communities in need.

What programs are currently being offered by this organization?

Currently, we are offering Nepali Language classes, Elderly Recreational Activities, and ESL & Citizenship classes. We accept students from age 5 in our Nepali Language program. The classes are being delivered using a viable curriculum we have tailored to meet the need of our students. Highly qualified Nepali Language teachers who formally used to be the Nepali language instructors in Nepal teach the classes.  Currently we have about 70 students enrolled in the Nepali Language Class.
ESL/Citizenship classes are delivered under the guidance of a licensed teacher in Iowa. Since we don’t have many licensed teachers to seek help from, currently we have only one such teacher with ESL & Language Arts endorsement who is guiding the other teachers in selection of materials and developing curriculum for the ESL classes. Basically, this class focuses on enabling the Bhutanese refugees to get through the Naturalization tests.

Elderly Recreational Activities are conducted every month. These activities involve assisting the elderly people getting to the Hindu Temple in Madrid, Iowa, organizing get-together whereby elders get to meet at one place and share their stories with others, recreational activities also involve many Bhutanese indigenous indoor games and activities. Elderly Recreational Activities are open to all Bhutanese elders in Iowa.

How can I be a part of HCEC’s mission?

You can be a donor member if you are not a Hindu. We also receive donations in cash and in kind. We appeal all our friends, families, and well-wishers to help us in our endeavor of protecting, and promoting our cultural identity. For those who wish to donate online, we will make online donation available soon.

  • Be an active volunteer
  • Be a donor member
  • Help us with ideas and suggestions
  • Helps us locates resources
  • Advocate for us
  • Help us raising funds

What are some of the major projects HCEC has in place?

Envisioning the dire need and possibility of building a Community Hall and a Hindu Temple, we have purchased a piece of land which is a little over 3 acres. Within the next few years, we are looking forward to completing the construction of a Multi Community Center.

 With the generous support from our members in Iowa, we have been able to purchase the land and we look forward to a greater number of helping hands to make our dreams possible. Especially, we look forward to all the fellow Americans to support us in our mission of building the Community Center to serve the diverse Iowans.


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