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Since its establishment, HCEC has been providing for the social, cultural, and religious needs of the
Bhutanese refugee community in central Iowa in many different ways, some of which include

ESL and Citizenship Classes

Thousands of Refugees have been resettling continuously in state of Iowa since 2008 but resettling in new communities without proper language and communication skills are not easy part of the life. Lot of people have kind of complicated, sorrowful and miserable life after resettlement due to such barriers. 

Senior Programs

Wide ranges of Elderly people are continuously being resettled in Iowa. These refugees, deprived of all means of livelihood back then, are reviving their hope of getting opportunities, support and, to be connected with community resources. Learn More


Advocacy is a set of actions target to create support for a proposal, program and long term mission of organization. Have you ever been in a difficult situation, and felt unable to make the right decision to resolve your problem?  There are many challenges that people can face; unemployment, looking for housing and  physical stress etc..

Ethnic Nepali Classes

Hindu Cultural and Educational Center (HCEC) has been running Nepali classes since January 3rd, 2016. The main goals are to promote Nepali language, preserve Nepali culture, values, beliefs and develop moral characters in our children in scientific ways. Learn More

Spiritual Healing

Yoga and Meditation classes are introduced to prepare people for physical and mental wellbeing. This classes help in self control, self discipline, leading to immense amount of concentration, creativity and higher level of consciousness. This is only the indoor fitness activity that is meant for developing mind, body and soul.

Seniors and Children Field Trips

As a part of Ethnic Language Curriculum, HCEC has designed 2 field trips to seniors and Ethnic Language students  through which our seniors and childrens can learn and explore new concepts and ideas by visiting and observing the sites practically.

Community Gardening

HCEC is offering plots for gardening in Army Post Rd. Des Moines IA.  The main aim of the project is to engage youths, adults and, seniors with physical engagement while producing fresh produce of their own. 

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